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Beth Longwell Foundation Grantees for 2021

Our 2021 Grant Recipients

In 2021 the Beth Longwell Foundation awarded grants to four Bay Area agencies. Recipients of Foundation grants exemplify Beth's visions and hopes for advancement in non-smoking lung cancer research, grief support for those who have lost a loved one, education, and the arts. The following are the Foundation's 2021 grant recipients:

Addario Lung Cancer Medical Institute, San Carlos, CA
The Addario Lung Cancer Medical Institute is an international research consortium dedicated to accelerating novel research advancements to lung cancer patients. The Foundation's grant will be used to help fund the Epidemiology of Young Lung Cancer (EoYLC) Study. The study seeks to discover the unique drivers of lung cancer in the adolescent and young adult (AYA) population. The current EoYLC Study research is working to identify lifestyle, environmental and genetic risk factors associated with the development of young lung cancer.

Alum Rock Counseling Center, San Jose, CA
The Alum Rock Counseling Center delivers programs designed to keep at-risk youth safe, attending school and living lives that are free of juvenile justice and dependency systems, substance abuse and violence. This year's grant is being used to support the Ocala Mentoring Program which provides up to ninety at-risk students from Alum Rock Union School District's Ocala STEAM Academy with academic and emotional support with the goal of preventing them from falling into a cycle of school failure and delinquency.

Children's Musical Theatre, San Jose, CA
The Children's Musical Theater is the nation's largest musical theater and training program for youth of its kind. The awarded grant is supporting the KickstART program which is a 16-week theater arts education program that brings together students, teachers, and families in two Title 1 elementary schools to mount a musical theater production in the convenience of their own school and alongside their classmates.

Kara, Palo Alto, CA
Kara provides hope, healing, and grief support for people who are coping with death and dying. These services are provided at no cost. The Foundation's grant supported this year's Camp Kara and Kara's Youth and Family Services program. The grant allowed Kara to serve nearly 100 children and teens (and their families). These programs provide healing space for children and teens navigating the death of a parent, sibling, or significant person in their life.