How to Apply

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The 2023 grant application period is now open. All applications must be received electronically by March 1, 2023. Only electronic copies of applications submitted to will be accepted.

Only electronic copies of applications are accepted. No hard copies are considered.

Please read About Us before writing your grant.


Open grants are available to any tax-exempt organization that assists children or people living in the SF bay area.

This year the Beth Longwell Foundation is only accepting applications for grants in the category of childhood education.

The Foundation generally does not make grants for capital improvements, indirect costs, or overhead.


There is no prescribed application form for grant proposals. Proposals must include all required items and should address the evaluation criteria. Only the original grant proposal should be submitted for consideration. To date, an average open grant has been $2500.

The following items must be submitted with all grant proposals:

Depending on the status of the project, an organization may resubmit a proposal for continued funding.


Grant proposals are evaluated according to the following criteria. Proposals are not required to meet all seven of the defined conditions. Rather, the criteria serve as a guideline for organizations to develop grant proposals and for the Foundation to select qualified applicants.

1. Improvement of Student Achievement

2. Innovation and Creativity

3. Assessment of Outcomes

4. Research Basis, if applicable

5. Achievable Implementation

6. Collaboration

7. Cost Effectiveness

Please submit your completed application electronically to the following email address by March 1, 2023:

In the subject line, please type: Attn: Committee on Grants

No hard copies of applications will be accepted. The 2023 grant application period closes on March 1, 2023. All applications must be received by March 1, 2023. No late applications will be considered.