About Beth

Beth obtained her BA in Psychology, teaching certificate, and masters' degree in teaching at UCLA. After six years as an elementary school teacher, Beth decided to return to school herself. While teaching during the day, Beth attended Santa Clara University School of Law's evening program. It was here that she met her husband, Robert Longwell.

Upon graduation from law school, Beth left her teaching position to practice law. A few years later, she returned to the elementary classroom – she missed the children too much and knew that this was where she could effect the most change.  She loved her students dearly and hoped to convey the importance of learning to them, as well as encourage their participation and increase their concern and activity in the world.

Only the birth of her own children, Lucy and Nathan, could take her away from the classroom again. Beth treasured each day she spent with the twins. She knew that in her absence Lucy and Nathan would need the support of her family, friends and community.

A genuine and compassionate woman, Beth always sought out and aided the "underdog" – those of us in need and less fortunate. She truly believed that everyone was unique, had special talents, had unlimited potential, and deserved a chance. This was her impetus for taking teaching positions in low income neighborhoods and that is how she successfully inspired young people to stretch themselves beyond their dreams.

In death as in life, Beth wanted to do for others. She requested that upon her death a foundation be created to carry on her legacy and beliefs, helping those in need and those less fortunate by promoting lung cancer research, grief support for children who have lost a parent, and equality in childhood education. Pursuant to her wishes, Beth's family and friends established The Beth Longwell Foundation to fulfill her altruistic goals and to carry on the work of a remarkable woman.