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Beth Longwell Foundation Scholarship

In 2012, the Beth Longwell Foundation established a scholarship in Beth's name with the intent of assisting a local high school senior with their future college expenses. The scholarship awards $5,000 for each year of the recipient's four years at college. "As a foundation, we wanted to make a direct impact on an individual student. We felt it was important to support a student who really needs the help to be able to attend college and further his or her education. This scholarship is consistent with all of the principals that Beth held so dear to her heart," said Ellen Levitas, President and Chair of the Board. After the board made the decision to establish a scholarship, Ellen worked closely with Palo Alto High School to identify students who fit the Beth Longwell Foundation criteria. Students are nominated by the PAHS Scholarship Committee and the finalists are individually interviewed by Ellen and the board. The board chooses the recipient.

Students chosen for this scholarship demonstrate values important to the Foundation, a pursuit of education and the determination to succeed, even against challenging odds.

As a board we know that Beth would be quite pleased with the scholarship and its recipients. Ellen provided some insight into what Beth may have thought. "As a family we had talked about it beforeā€¦about helping to send someone to college. It was a family discussion but something that we had never put into place. We knew people who had done it and we thought it was a great thing to do. Beth always liked to help the 'underdog' and people that needed help."

The Foundation supports the recipients for the duration of the four year college program the Foundation has funded three recipients thus far.